The Magic in Learning

Learning is magical.

There is something in the human existence that craves, flourishes in, and enjoys learning. There is a love of life that can be found and experienced in the pages of learning.

Now that being said… let’s talk about school. While often thought of interchangeably, we all know that school and learning are not the same thing. (Though hopefully lots of learning takes place at school!)

School is definitely looking different this year. Crazy headache and confusion for some. Check. Exhilarating jump into homeschooling for others. Check. Somewhere in between. Check. However you feel about it, this is a year to remember for sure.

Wherever you and your kiddos are, or the plans you are making for the upcoming year, know there is good to be found! There is still the quiet call of excitement that can creep into the thrill of learning. There is discovery to be made, and yes-- adventure!! Of course there will be frustrations! It is a charming quality of life ;) Dependable as the AC going out at some point in the Houston summer. But hang on to the magic, the spark as discovery and connections are made. Hang on to the love of learning whether you are sending your kids back to brick and mortar buildings or whether you are traipsing the online world in hopes of giving your kids all that you want them to have. Little hands grow into big people quicker than we often realize. They will remember the love of learning, the enthusiasm, the joy if we can let both them and ourselves find it. Give everyone grace, yourself included ;) and make room for the magic to show up.


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