About Me

Have you felt the warm earth underneath you as you sat with your back resting on a timeworn tree, watching the branches above dancing chipperly in the breeze. You silently sit feeling the vibrancy of life emanating from the forest around you. The chatter of birds flitting above fills the air as you breath in life beneath the majestic, growing arbor. Time seems to have held still to let you fully bask in the moment. Wordy with a head full of images, that about sums me up!

But the above description is how I feel about photography. Whether it be a canvas of wildlife, racing waterfalls, grandiose mountains, rustic woods, or the days with your family laughing and smiling at simply being alive... or being driven crazy by the responsibilities around you (cleaning up repeatedly the same areas..or same kids ;) ) but knowing you are grateful for the ones you get to spend each crazy day with; I love to look back at that moment, and feel the emotions of the little things that make up a wonderful life. They fill me with the same warmth as the serenity of sun-basking moments in nature.

So was born my love and enthusiasm for photography; I love to capture the moment. Even more so, I suppose it is really about my love to have the opportunity to remember those times and the emotions felt in vibrant colors! ...or sometimes in black and white!


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