The Why

Why? Is it worth it? I’d place a guess these are familiar questions to a whole lot of us. 

I loved photography for years before, but when I became a mom a whole new understanding awoke in me. I had this beautiful bundle of love that added a whole new dimension to life. I could never forget these moments!!--The way they’d stare wide eyed right at me, or snuggle in next to me. Or so I thought! When my 2nd was born this crazy moment happened in the hospital when I turned to reach my eldest and that baby I snuggled with before going into labor had turned into this tall, strong, little toddler that I was about to lift up to sit by me. Each day so gradually comes and goes that it is in these snapshots of life that we remember where we have been-- sometimes not so long ago!

There is a day when things just stop. The morning snuggle, the bedtime kiss goodnight-- You’ll do them everyday for years and bam! In a gloriously desired, but dreaded and hard to face moment, your baby grows up! To a toddler, a big kid, a teenager, and then an adult beginning their own trek in life and family. 

So whether your baby is laughing, crying, or being themselves (however they are!) let’s beautifully capture the moment to frame for days in the future to remind us of all the places we’ve come from, the experiences we’ve had. Let’s celebrate each fantastic and crazy stage of life we are in. 

Be in the moment. Be in the picture, and let me take care of the rest.


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