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I look forward to getting to know you! I want to outline what you can expect when you book with Rustic Earth Photography.

1st- Message or call me to discuss what type of shoot & package you are looking for and to figure out if we are the right fit! I don't bite and am good at answering questions ;) After we have discussed what you are looking for, the date and time, you will be ready to book. 

2nd- I will send you a Booking Email. It will include an attached Welcome Packet, comprised of three items: our Contract, a link to a Questionnaire, and a Welcome Guide that includes the information to make our session smooth sailing and help you feel confident in what to expect (tips on what to wear, ways to add unique, meaningful touches to your images, and how to prepare.) I will also include the link for payment, as your session will not be considered booked until after receipt of payment. 

3rd- At this point you get to read the contract! It's not as bad as it sounds :) You can sign and scan or email the contract back to me, or I will have a physical copy of the contract you can sign before the shoot begins. The contract must be signed before the shoot, so if you choose to sign it at the shoot, please take the time before hand to familiarize yourself with it so all you will need to do is actually sign it, as it will count as part of the session time.

This is the point where you will make your payment (just follow the link I send you to the drop down menu) and fill out the questionnaire. At this point you are officially booked :) Feel free to start dreaming of what color scheme you are going for and what outfits to get!

4th- "Pre-session" --if preferred or as needed I will call or text/email you to discuss with you the questions and responses in the Questionnaire, this will help us make sure we are on the same page and ready for our shoot. If there are no questions, you may move right over this step! 

5th- The actual photo shoot! Arrive 15 minutes earthly to avoid the frantic rushed feeling. We will meet at our pre-determined location ready for an awesome session! We will do a few photo exercises to get out our photo jitters and move right into the shoot. The shoot length is determined on the package you purchase.

6th- Within two weeks after the session, your photographs will be online in a gallery where you will be able to look them over and choose your final loves! If your package included prints you will select and send me via email or phone which photographs you choose for the print. I will send you a confirmation email with all the details and final crops, and then they will be ordered and mailed to your home. If your package included digital downloads, you will make your selections and be able to download them from your gallery right away. 

In the same email letting you know your gallery is available, I will also send you your galleries expiration date so you are best able to arrange your schedule to download. At this point, if there are any additional photograph purchases or prints you would like, you can send me an email. And as always, if you have any questions, you can always contact me!

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