Let's talk Mini Sessions!

If you have never experienced the beauty of a mini session, this post is for you ;) 

Let's talk about the what and the why. Mini sessions are simply a photography session that is twenty minutes or less. Generally this leads to two reactions (but if you have a different reaction I'm always curious!) Either "Whoa! Can you even get pictures in that time frame!" or "Ahhh, about time! My kids never make it much past that point." Each has it's own response; Yes! We can have a lovely session in that amount of time. It will include less photos-- there is a place for full sessions!-- but if you are looking for a couple beautiful images while keeping wily little ones appeased, a mini-session may be the answer. The other large benefit is that you can get the images for a lower cost than a full session.        
You may be asking yourself at this point what are the advantages of a full session? It sounds like mini sessions have it all! They are awesome :D but there are advantages to a normal session. A full session gives more flexibility in location. Mini sessions are a specific time slot at a pre-determined location chosen by me. For example, when someone signs up for my bluebonnet or Christmas mini's, there will already be a location chosen, they will just be choosing the time. 
    This leads to another point about mini's--they often have a theme; the ones mentioned above (Christmas, bluebonnet) but also graduation, Easter/Spring, back to school, etc. These can include props or backdrops. That may or may not be what you are hoping for. (FYI-- In case you are wondering, Fall and a few other dates are not themed, as well as if it is available to the setting, props can be left out of a themed mini if desired.) Regular sessions are catered to exactly what you are looking for.
    Full sessions also give the ability for outfit changes and the assurance of the entire length of time to get additional variety of shots. Additionally you can have say in the location of the session. If flexibility, larger selection of images, and choice of location all sound like your ideal package, then a full session may be what you are looking for. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call! Or if you want to get on our mailing list for upcoming Mini's you can sign up here.


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